The last ride for the Fast and Furious franchise is going to last a little longer. Dwayne Johnson shared a post on Twitter revealing one more film will reach theaters ahead of the Fast finale. Before reading further, be advised that a minor spoiler for Fast X is forthcoming, though the fact that Johnson is talking about the franchise on social media is basically a spoiler unto itself. In any case, consider yourself warned.

Johnson's Twitter post flat-out says his character Hobbs is returning to the street-racing saga, and he will be in a film that sets up the final movie unofficially known as Fast X Part II. The wording of his post suggests the movie will be in a similar vein as Hobbs & Shaw, technically part of the Fast and Furious universe but not focused on the core cast. In a video shared with the Twitter post, Johnson says "Dante and Hobbs collide" so there should be a prominent connection to the current storyline. As a reminder, Dante is the primary baddie in Fast X, played by Jason Momoa.


At this point, you might be thinking about the very public feud between Johnson and Fast staple Vin Diesel over the years. You know, the one where Johnson said in no uncertain terms he would not be returning to the Fast franchise? Apparently that's all water under the bridge, or at least, smoothed over enough for Johnson to step back into the role. In his video, he says he and Diesel were brothers, and "plans that are much bigger than ourselves" made his decision to return an obvious one.

It's certainly a sharp contrast to the time he called an unnamed cast member (believed to be Diesel) a candy ass in a now-deleted Instagram post from 2016. And there's Johnson's sharp criticism of Diesel's infamous Instagram post from 2021, in which he publically asked Johnson to "fulfill your destiny" by returning to the franchise. His answer, again, was no, but as we've seen throughout all 10 Fast films, nobody is ever really gone. And with Johnson's character making a surprise cameo at the end of Fast X (we told you there was a minor spoiler) events are already set in motion.

A quick check at the Internet Movie Database shows nothing forthcoming for Johnson or Diesel in the Fast universe, so there's no timeline on when either film will reach theaters.

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