Fast X is coming out this Friday and is supposed to be the penultimate movie of a franchise that started way back in 2001. The tenth movie has been written as half of a two-part finale, with the series planned to end after the eleventh title. However, that might not actually be the case as Vin Diesel has strongly hinted there is a distinct possibility the epilogue will be stretched to include a third movie.

The disclosure was made in Rome during the world premiere of the latest movie. "Going into making this movie, the studio asked if this could be a two-parter. And after the studio saw this one, they said, 'Could you make 'Fast X,' the finale, a trilogy?'" Michelle Rodriguez also alluded it might just happen: "It's three acts in any story."


Meanwhile, the eleventh movie will be co-written by Christina Hodson (Bumblebee, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey) and Oren Uziel (The Lost City). Louis Leterrier will be the director, having already been at the helm of Fast X. An extension of the already long-running franchise could depend on the success of the forthcoming title, which reportedly had a massive budget of $340 million, according to The Wrap.

It'll be interesting to see whether there will be more spin-offs in the same vein as Hobbs & Shaw. Director David Leitch said in December 2022 that a sequel depends on Dwayne Johnson as "The Rock" has a busy schedule. A potential Fast and Furious 12 movie might put spinoffs on the back burner to have a budget prepared for a grand finale.

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