Lincoln's parent company Ford is recalling 142,734 MKC crossovers due to a fault under the hood that could start a fire at any time. The potential danger has prompted the NTHSA to issue an urgent recall notice for 2015-2019 model-year MKCs, and there are numerous reports of fires that could be related to the potential problem. Ford advises owners to park outside away from buildings or vehicles until the issue is fixed.

Specifically, the problem lies with a battery monitor sensor, located near the battery. According to documents from Ford, the location of the sensor could make it susceptible to damage when servicing the battery or related components in the area. The sensor is in a plastic housing, and if it's damaged, it could lead to a short circuit on the sensor's circuit board. If this happens, Ford has determined the electrical current could be sufficient to start a fire. The sensor is constantly powered, meaning a short circuit could occur even when the vehicle is off.

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The good news is Ford already has a remedy for the issue. Dealers will add an in-line fuse to the sensor, theoretically cutting power to the sensor if a short circuit happens. Dealer notification of the recall has already happened; Ford will begin direct customer notification on June 26. Being a factory recall, the fix will be performed at no charge to owners.

While Ford isn't aware of any injuries relating to this issue, the company has received 19 reports of underhood fires that could've been caused by a damaged battery monitor sensor. In each case, the vehicle was off and parked. Seven of those reports have come in just the last six months, most coming from North America. All total, there are 11 reports for US vehicles, one for Canada, and seven for China.

MKCs built from August 20, 2013 through August 2, 2019 are subject to the recall. Anyone with questions or concerns is advised to contact Ford customer service at 1-866-436-7332. The reference number for the recall is 23S28

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