On the scale of vehicles that seem to attract trouble, pickup trucks with high-top bed toppers land somewhere between semi-trucks and cars driven by the juvenile at heart leaving their first cars and coffee. This is especially true if the bed topper almost doubles the vehicle's height and is made of a thin gauge metal like aluminum or steel. Like a moth attracted to flame, it's only a matter of time before something bad happens. 

In the case of the truck in this video on ViralHog's YouTube site, it takes exactly 22 seconds for something bad to happen, and the driver doesn't even leave the parking lot. A camera captures the video footage inside an overhang in front of what looks like a store with steel roll-up doors. Judging from the light, it looks early in the day. Perhaps the driver hasn't had coffee yet, or even a matcha chai latte. 

Whatever the driver drinks to wake up, it's nothing like the powerful shot of adrenaline they must have received from the accident. There is a loud crash that lifts the truck's front wheels in the air, causing it to turn and almost take out a row of motorbikes. Adding to the dramatic effect, the video shakes as the impact sends shockwaves through the overhang.

Seemingly unphased, the driver calmly backs up and casually drives away. The metal topper is still intact and firmly mounted to the pickup truck, but the top is opened up like a sardine can. As the truck leaves the scene, a woman leaves the shop and starts taking pictures with her cell phone. She runs after the truck and is gone for 15 seconds, most likely trying to get the driver's info or the license plate in case there's damage to the building. 

Judging from the video, the truck is an Izuzu pickup truck, a brand no longer sold in the US. While not as dramatic as a Kia Soul going airborne after hitting a tire or a Citroen Ami rolling over in Monaco, it just goes to show that tall pickup truck toppers and low overhangs don't mix, regardless of what part of the world you live in.    

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