Driving in new locations can be stressful, especially when you’re on vacation. Not knowing the roads, signage, and rules can lead to confusion, anxiety, and, sadly, more than a simple wrong turn, which is what one tourist experienced in Greece last Friday.

The driver of a thought-to-be tiny Nissan Micra met their match when they made a wrong turn down a narrow alley. However, the driver made things much worse by continuing to drive down it, wedging the Nissan between two white walls.


The accident happened last Friday, ahead of Greek’s Easter holiday, in Mesaria on Santorini. The local government’s Facebook page posted the photo above and warned people that it might not be immediately removed due to the upcoming holiday and the car’s compromised state. The city also said that it had notified the rental car company. It’s unclear if the driver received any citation for the mishap.

Older cities, especially those in Europe, were never designed to accommodate cars, with many featuring narrow streets and even narrower alleyways best suited for people and not much else. The Micra that got stuck is a fourth-generation K13 variant built after the 2013 facelift. It measures about 66 inches wide, so it’s not some large, unwieldy thing.

No one is in the vehicle in the photo above, and we expect any occupants likely had to crawl out the back hatch. It’s doubtful there was enough room to open the doors and squeeze out. It’s unclear how much damage was caused, but we wouldn’t be shocked if there were some deep scratches on at least one side. The passenger-side tire appears to be what’s stuck on the wall, hopefully limiting the damage to that side of the hatchback.

According to the website Santorini Secrets, this isn’t the first time a car has gotten stuck in an alley. A few years ago, a similar incident happened in a different sport in the same area, so the driver should feel some solace that they aren’t alone. We hope this didn’t sour anyone’s vacation too much.

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