Lamborghini unveiled the long-awaited Aventador replacement at the end of last month and we now have the first opportunity to see the electrified supercar out in the real world. YouTuber Varryx decided to camp out in front of the factory in Sant'Agata Bolognese in an attempt to spy on the Revuelto. It didn't take too long before a prototype appeared in front of the camera, still carrying camouflage on the front trunk.

Painted in lime green with a matte finish, the plug-in hybrid V12 monster was filmed driving around in complete silence as the naturally aspirated 6.5-liter wasn't working. Instead, the Revuelto was seen leaving the factory in EV mode. Truth be told, the electrified raging bull wasn't entirely quiet since we can hear it making futuristic but artificial noises, which are mandatory for hybrids and EVs in many parts of the world to alert pedestrians about its presence.

Lamborghini Revuelto

For most of the time, the Revuleto will be powered by the V12 since the small 3.8-kWh lithium-ion battery pack with pouch cells has enough juice for only about six miles of range. In EV mode, the new Lamborghini flagship only has 180 horsepower in a mid-engined supercar that has a dry weight of 3,906 pounds (1,772 kilograms).

Although you can't necessarily tell by looking at this video, the Revuelto is considerably longer than the original Aventador LP700-4 from 2011, stretching a further 6.5 inches (167 millimeters). It's 194.7 inches (4947 mm) long while being slightly narrower than its predecessor, at 80 in (2033 mm) excluding the mirrors or 89.2 in (2266 mm) with them.

The Revuelto was spotted in some good company as Lamborghini was keeping busy that day with Huracan and Urus customer cars. The Italian exotic marque intends to replace the V10 supercar with a plug-in hybrid model next year when the high-performance SUV will also gain a charging port.

Come 2028, Lamborghini will extend its lineup with a fourth model. Already confirmed to be a 2+2 grand tourer, it'll become the company's first EV and is expected to rival an inevitable electric Porsche 911 due after 2030.

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