You won't see the new Ford Mustang GT3 competing on tracks this year, but that doesn't mean it won't turn laps. To hammer that point home, Ford Performance shared photos of its latest race car doing race car stuff at Sebring. It's our first proper look at the long-awaited racer.

And it certainly looks like a proper GT3 race car. It's absolutely impossible to miss the massive spoiler that connects not to the back of the car, but instead, to the rear pillars. That's the same placement we saw when Ford announced six racing variants of the new Mustang last September, though the wing itself looks ever-so-slightly different. It's significantly different from the wing we saw in a smoke-shrouded teaser image back in February, which could be another design undergoing testing. It's also possible that teaser wasn't for the GT3 after all, but another muscular Mustang.

2024 Ford Mustang GT3
2024 Ford Mustang GT3
2024 Ford Mustang GT3

Vents flanking the rear glass also appear repositioned, and the rear diffuser looks bigger. The ultra-aggressive front clip still looks the same, however – huge heat extractors in the hood take center stage, while wide fenders cut with multiple vents flow into ground effects housing side-exit exhaust. There's plenty of carbon fiber, too.

In addition to photos, Ford Performance shared a video of the car in action on the track. It certainly looks fast, and the V8 soundtrack sounds like something straight from NASCAR. Since the Mustang GT3 hasn't officially debuted yet, we don't have details on what's happening under the skin. Ford's longtime partner Multimatic is involved, and we're hearing the engine could be a punched-up version of the 5.0-liter V8.


As mentioned, this is one of six race-focused Mustangs that will eventually take to the track. A GT4 model is planned, along with two variations on the Mustang Dark Horse. A new racing model will be made for the Australian Supercars Series, and a version dedicated to drag racing is expected.

Meanwhile, testing on the GT3 continues ahead of plans to debut for the 2024 racing season. That will include a trip to Le Mans for the iconic 24-hour endurance race, ending an absence of 27 years.

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