When the original Acura NSX launched in 1991, it upended the sports car market. Using the Ferrari 348 as a target, Honda set goals to meet or exceed the Ferrari's performance while providing the driveability and reliability of an Accord. Already an ambitious effort, the car also had to undercut its competition on price. Judging by this 1992 Acura NSX with 415,000 miles on the clock, it's clear Acura succeeded. 

Even more impressive than the mileage is the condition of this Acura NSX. Far from immaculate, it's clean, well-maintained, and recently won an award for being one of the most original and well-preserved cars at the Science of Speed show in Chandler, Arizona. Even though the paint is faded, and there are some rock chips and worn trim, it's in surprisingly good condition for a 31-year-old car. 

The owner bought the car 17 years ago when it only had 70,000 miles. Since that time, the NSX has been his tried and true daily driver, racking up more than 20,000 miles a year. He's maintained it religiously and managed to avoid any major repairs beyond wear and tear items. Other than an aftermarket exhaust and wheels, it's bone stock. 

High-mileage Acura NSXs are not that unusual. Unlike some sportscars, which lead sheltered lives, most NSX owners drive their cars on a regular basis, running errands, commuting, or flogging them around a racetrack. In fact, this isn't the only NSX we've seen recently with over 400K miles. Another one just sold for $29,000 after being advertised on Facebook Marketplace. 

Acura kept the original NSX in production through the 2005 model year. Over its lifespan, it received several upgrades, including larger, more powerful engines, a Targa-style roof, and fixed headlamps. Acura launched the second-generation NSX in 2016 as a hybrid supercar. However, it never caught on the same way as the original car and was discontinued in 2022. Acura is reportedly working on a new NSX, which could return as a fully electric supercar. We've not confirmed any details, but the new car could launch as early as 2026. 

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