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Because of its daring and futuristic styling, the C-HR isn't showing its age even though the subcompact crossover has been around for six years. With the Prologue concept introduced at the beginning of last month, Toyota offered a preview of the second-generation model expected to go on sale at some point in 2024. A new rendering from an independent artist attempts to see into the future of the B-segment model as a production version.

Already ruled out for the United States, the new Toyota C-HR will once again stand out from the current crop of small crossovers by having a daring exterior design. Sleeker "C"-shaped headlights are coming to the funky little crossover, along with wider taillights and a sportier roof-mounted spoiler.

2024 Toyota C-HR production version speculative rendering

Although the Prologue had hidden rear door handles, they're visible here and mounted on the same level as the ones for the front doors. Seeing as how they’re installed at the top of the C-pillar on the outgoing C-HR, Toyota is likely to stick with unconventional door handles for the second-generation model. It remains to be seen whether the concept's pop-out door handles will be found on the road-going model.

The Japanese automaker has said the cabin will be more spacious, suggesting a slightly stretched wheelbase with longer rear doors. However, the crossover won't necessarily be longer overall since the overhangs will be shortened for the new model. Regular mirrors have been added to replace the Prologue's side cameras. Toyota has said a tri-color finish is planned for the more expensive versions.

Aside from a visual overhaul, the 2024 C-HR will also have a plug-in hybrid powertrain to join the already available self-charging hybrid. A purely electric model is not planned because the company is working on a separate subcompact crossover based on a dedicated EV platform for its "Beyond Zero" lineup.

As to when the premiere is scheduled to take place, Toyota has only said the Prologue is a "vision of a car that will soon be turning heads on roads all around Europe." This tells us a debut could be planned for late 2023 or early 2024.

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