With the C-HR unveiled in 2016, Toyota showed the world it could think outside the box and release a daring design to contrast its conventionally styled vehicles. As previewed today by the Prologue concept, the second-generation model will once again adopt a striking appearance and a tri-color finish by combining silver and black with contrasting orange accents. The overall look takes cues from recent entries such as the Crown and Prius.

The Aygo X Prologue didn't change too much for the subsequent production version of the pint-sized city car, so we're expecting the C-HR Prologue to remain largely the same for the road-going model. Toyota says the stylish crossover has a Hammerhead front fascia with slimmer headlights and smaller grille apertures. It looks sharper than the current model and appears to have the rear door handle located on the outer corner of the taillight.

Toyota C-HR Prologue concept

In typical concept fashion, the C-HR is fitted with oversized wheels, which will likely be slightly smaller for the production version. We're also fairly certain the pop-out door handles will make way for a traditional setup, while the side cameras will be replaced with conventional glass mirrors. To keep up with current design trends, Toyota is installing an LED light bar at the back where the unusually large faux diffuser is hard to miss.

Since this is only a concept, the Japanese automaker refuses to go into details about the new C-HR. However, it does say the overhangs are now shorter and yet more practical on the inside, which suggests the wheelbase is slightly longer. While the self-charging version will continue, Toyota is also planning a plug-in hybrid model with batteries assembled in Europe.

Much like its predecessor, the revamped C-HR has been developed at ED², the automaker's European Design Development headquarters in southern France. A release date has yet to be announced, but we’re being told the second-gen model is a "vision of a car that will soon be turning heads on roads all around Europe."

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