V8 fans, rejoice! The 2024 racing season is still some time away, but when it arrives, Chevrolet will bring its latest high-strung Corvette Z06 to the track. As a preview of what's to come, the above video shared by Corvette Blogger offers sights and sounds featuring three very different V8-powered Chevy race cars – including the 2024 Z06 GT3.R.

Of course, the Z06 GT3.R race car is no secret. It was unveiled in late 2021, not long after the official debut of the road-going Z06. Images show a low-riding racer with a big rear wing, more winglets up front, and a modest (if generic) livery with a ghosted American flag on the doors. It's generic because, for the first time, Chevrolet offers a Corvette race car to pretty much anyone who wants one.

Gallery: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3.R

That said, the Z06 GT3.R featured here isn't generic. It's slated for IMSA action with the official Corvette Racing team, though development and shakedown testing is still taking place. This particular car wears a different wing at the back, but other details aren't as prevalent. That's partly due to the camouflage wrap, but also due to the speed at which the Z06 GT3.R dispenses with corners. Chevy hasn't revealed mechanical differences between the street and racing versions, but we do know the 5.5-liter V8 will actually be detuned for the race car in order to meet class regulations.

Chevrolet made an official announcement in October, announcing its intentions to go racing with the Z06 GT3.R in 2024. That likely means a debut for the 2024 Rolex 24 at Daytona, and it may not be the only Z06 on the track. According to Corvette Blogger, 10 customer race cars could be delivered later in 2023 for the 2024 racing season. Another 10 could follow in 2025.

As for the other cars in the video, you should know the Corvette C8.R very well by now. It will be racing next year, and that black Camaro from Garage 56 is headed to Le Mans.

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