It's amazing what people can do with a custom camper van. On the outside, this rig looks like just a Ram ProMaster. Opening the door transports visitors into a room that looks straight out of an Italian villa. The owners make impressive use of the space by having room for four people to sleep inside.

The couple who own this motorhome appears to prioritize sitting space because there's a large U-shaped couch at the back of the van. It's against the rear doors, so they can open them up and experience nature.

Lifting the cushions reveals storage areas. With the rear doors open, one of them slides outward for easy access to any outdoor gear.

This couch converts into a large bed. Plus, a second mattress of the same size lowers from the roof. It looks like the folks on the bottom might be a bit cramped in this layout, though, because there's not enough room to sit up. Both tiers have their own lights and USB ports.

While the rear section is opulent, the bathroom is more utilitarian. The shower basin and composting toilet hide underneath a countertop, which is on a hinge. Before washing, the couple has to install the shower curtain.

The kitchen consists of a sink and an induction cooktop. The water heater is in a cupboard underneath them.

To get the natural appearance for the walls, the couple uses roman play, which is a plaster-like material. Wood boards cover the ceiling. The floor is vinyl but has a wood finish to match the rest of the interior. The lighting is dimmable to that the couple can enjoy a darker mood at night.

On the outside, a ladder on the ProMaster provides access to a roof deck that offers another place to enjoy nature. There are also 350 watts of solar panels up there to provide off-grid power.

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