Fear not, internal combustion fans. This isn't a video featuring an electric car putting gasoline engines to shame. There are three drag races in this single clip, all featuring a Tesla Model 3. The racing action is close, and it includes some proper modern muscle against the future of motoring. In short, it's just a great racing video for folks who love racing. And since you're reading Motor1.com, we suspect that means you.

First up, the competitors. You already know about the Tesla Model 3, which in Performance trim is capable of running the quarter mile in the mid 11-second range. It faces a Dodge Charger Hellcat which is also capable of mid 11-second runs in stock trim. The Ford Mustang GT is a bit slower in the low 12-second range, and just for grins, there's a big Ford Explorer ST in the mix. On a good day, it might reach into the high 13s – certainly quick for a sizeable SUV but not remotely a challenge for any of the vehicles mentioned here. That is, in stock trim anyway.

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The location is Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida, and the races appear to be part of a special event. The electronic timing boards all have 11.50 lit up on the bottom, which means all cars racing can't run quicker than 11.50 seconds. Different time categories are common at drag strips; by establishing a base elapsed time (ET), racers can compete side-by-side in heads-up racing as opposed to bracket racing with staggered launches. As such, for the Mustang and Explorer to compete, they must have some modifications.

We'll start with the Charger, which in this situation needs to be careful not to go too fast. Unfortunately for the driver, the Hellcat V8 is defeated by the Tesla's all-wheel drive and battery power. The Model 3 gets a great launch and holds the lead to run 11.60, versus 11.67 for the Charger. The Explorer ST follows, and with its screaming V6 exhaust note we learn it's definitely not stock. That's also confirmed by an ET of 11.91 seconds, a fantastic time for the SUV. But, it's not enough to beat the Tesla's time 11.66 seconds.

That leaves the pride of Detroit muscle in the hands of a black Ford Mustang. It's also not stock, as evidenced by the prolific V8 soundtrack emitted during the burnout. Between the Charger and Explorer, the Mustang runs the quickest time of the bunch at 11.63 seconds. But is it enough to overcome the Tesla? It's indeed a very close race, but we'll leave that question for the video to answer because it's definitely worth watching.

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