Review: 2016 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

– Detroit, Michigan

For a guy who usually only spends a couple of days with each car I review, I can say that, by comparison, I’ve driven the Dodge Charger Hellcat a ton. I’ve had it on the track, driven it over 1,000 miles across the American southwest, and gulped down tank after tank of fuel burnouting my way across southeast Michigan. Yet I can’t get enough. It’s a hilarious middle finger to German powerhouses like the BMW M5. It has supercar power numbers and it has arguably the coolest name of any car on the road today. It’s big and imperfect, and I love this car.


  • Seven hundred and seven horsepower. Say it again – seven hundred and seven horsepower. I shouldn’t have to explain why this tops my Pros section. There is so much available grunt in this car that you can spin the tires – with traction control fully engaged – at only half throttle. It doesn’t even matter what drive mode you’re in – even in its laziest setting, the Hellcat has sharp claws. The supercharger whine is loud and constant, the exhaust roar robust and plentiful. It goes like hell, and sounds like the devil himself while doing so.
  • I love this B5 Blue paint so much I’m giving it its own bullet. This shade looks great, especially with the optional, ever-so-slightly bronze wheels ($995) that, even more awesomely, are actually called “Brass Monkey.”
  • Everyone seems to flock to the Challenger as the poster child for Hellcat radness. But the Charger is actually way better, to me. It’s faster, with a top e...