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If you're looking to live the #vanlife in unique style, then check out this custom Ford E-350 with a pair of tall exhaust stacks and a massive fuel tank. It's for sale on Facebook in Iowa with an asking price of $17,000.

The owner has had this van for over 20 years. It started as an E-250, but this person converted it into an E-350 with a dual-wheel rear axle, including using the correct fender flares to cover the wider layout. The brakes and suspension also received upgrades. A Ford 460-cubic-inch (7.54-liter) V8 replaced the original 351-cubic-inch (5.75-liter) powerplant. It runs through an automatic gearbox.

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This Ford van has an attractive black-and-silver color scheme with red pinstripes. The tall exhaust stacks are functional. According to the listing, they don't give the van a loud sound, and the seller calls it a "very nice, mellow tone." The vertical portions are removable if a person wants a more subtle appearance. A ladder on the back offers access to a roof rack for extra storage at the rear.

The fuel tank along the side is functional. It can carry 60 gallons (227.1 liters) of gasoline.

Inside, there are two rows of captain's chairs, and the third row is a bench seat. Thick, gray carpet is on the floor. Wood panels decorate the walls. Large, tinted windows give the occupants an expansive view out of the sides of the vehicle. Along the roof and the walls of the rear, there are black panels with diamond-shaped embroidery.

The amenities include a backup camera and a stereo that supports Bluetooth. There's also accent lighting along the walls.

The listing says the "van runs fantastic." The seller reports taking two, 5,000-mile round trips to Oregon and having no issues with the vehicle.

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