In December 2021, Toyota dropped something of a bombshell by announcing all kinds of new electric vehicles in the works. Among them were a few Lexus-badged models, and among those was a low-slung sports car with a long bonnet, short deck, and a beautiful profile. Now, Lexus offers a better look at the car with a new set of photos.

It's far from full disclosure on what Lexus has in store for its swoopy performance EV, but we do glimpse the sports car from all angles. There are clear parallels to the iconic LFA supercar from 10 years ago, though some might argue the nose bears more resemblance to something from McLaren. Viewed side-on, we see just how long and low the two-seater really is, dishing up a Toyota Supra vibe. The steeply racked backside doesn't have a rear window, presumably using cameras to give the driver a view of what's behind. It connects to bold taillight housings in a rear fascia unbroken by exhaust tips, because this sucker is electrical.

Gallery: Lexus Future EV Sports Car

Curiously, Lexus doesn't call this vehicle a concept. For that matter, it's not officially called anything yet. The posh brand simply refers to this as a future electric sports car, or next-generation sports car depending on what you prefer. There are no details on the powertrain, but Lexus does say it will accelerate from 0-60 mph in the low two-second range.

That sounds more like hypercar territory as opposed to being a mere sports car, but such accelerative capability suggests it will be an all-wheel-drive machine. It also has a claimed range of over 400 miles on a charge, but as with other details, battery specs aren't offered.

Lexus is charging (pun intended) forward with its electrification plan and hopes to have a broad portfolio of EVs available by 2030. The sports car featured here is part of that plan, with Lexus stating the sports car "symbolizes the future of the Lexus brand while also reviving the spirit of the iconic Lexus LFA."

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