Toyota and Lexus teased their electrified futures just before 2021 came to an end. Neither brand provided much information about their future vehicles, but they revealed a lineup of prototypes that covered most market segments. The electrified future for Lexus looks quite exciting, with wagons, a convertible, and a hypercar in the plans, but the company will butter its bread with crossovers and SUVs.

We know the Lexus RZ 450e debuts this year, but it won’t be the only electrified SUV coming. Lexus published two additional photos of an upcoming battery-electric SUV that looks like it would sit somewhere above the RZ 450e in the brand’s hierarchy. It looks like one of the seven vehicles that Lexus teased in December, though it’s difficult to determine its size. It seems larger than the RZ 450e, but it might not be the range-topping SUV model.

Gallery: Lexus Electrified SUV

The large Lexus SUV wears the same new spindle grille seen on other Lexus electric prototypes. The latest photos provide a profile and rear three-quarter view of the behemoth. The front certainly looks familiar, while the rear isn’t too busy. It has vent creases in the rear bumper and a full-width taillight bar that appears to extend around the rear fenders and over the tires. It’s an attractive SUV, though the design could change before (if) it enters production.

Toyota and Lexus want to offer 30 EVs by the end of the decade, which is ambitious for a pair of brands just beginning their BEV journeys. Lexus will start its endeavor with the RZ 450e that’s supposed to debut sometime this year. It shares its underpinnings with the Toyota bZ4x and Subaru Solterra, but it’s unclear if that platform will underpin other Lexus EVs, like the large SUV in the photos above. However, that will likely be the case.

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