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Our friend Marchettino was lucky enough to participate at possibly the largest LaFerrari gathering ever.

It happened at the 2015 Ferrari Cavalcade event organized between July 25 and 30 in Rome, Italy where owners of prancing horses came together and drove their high-prized possession to the delight of the gathered audience. Among the many Ferrari models, 15 were the company's flagship model and Marchettino captured 12 of them on camera roaming the streets of Rome.

Expect a high number of LaFerraris to show up in California, United States during the North American version of the 2015 Ferrari Cavalcade set to take place between August 10 and 14.

As a reminder, Ferrari built only 499 units of its latest flagship model while the track-only FXX K billed as a standalone model is limited to 40 cars.

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