This former ambulance is now a very impressive camper. OttoEx is now selling the rig with an asking price of $84,995 and has a video showing off what makes it special.

The vehicle started as a 2007 GMC 3500 4×4 with an ambulance conversion from the company McCoy Miller. It served a small hospital in Wyoming and amassed just 94,000 miles.

Power comes from a 6.6-liter Duramax turbodiesel V8 that runs through a six-speed Allison automatic transmission. A two-speed transfer case helps with the off-road ability.

OttoEx handled transforming the ambulance into a motorhome. However, the person who bought it wasn't using the vehicle and sold the rig back to the company. 

The exterior still looks like an ambulance except for the paint scheme. There are lots of locking doors on the outside that offer access to things like the water tanks, propane bottle, the shower, and lots of storage space.

Stepping inside, brushed-oak-pattern vinyl planks cover the floor. A bench converts into a bed. Per the original owner's request, there are hooks in the rear of the ceiling for mounting a swing for enjoying a relaxing view out of the rear doors. The kitchenette includes a two-burner cooktop, butcher block countertop, a sink, and a refrigerator. The backsplash consists of ceramic tiles.

OttoEx maintained some of the original latches from the ambulance when converting it into a motorhome. The pieces are high-quality and can take a beating.

The cab is in good condition. The control panel for all of the lights and sirens is still in the center console. OttoEx notes that these things function, but it's illegal to use them on the road.

While not visible in the video, there are roof-mounted solar panels that connect to a 40-amp charge controller. The vehicle also has a 100-amp-hour lithium-ion battery and 140-amp smart battery isolator.

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