UPDATE: Hoonigan unveiled the car, and it turned out to be a mean-looking take on a 1983 Subaru GL wagon.


About a month ago, Travis Pastrana was involved in a jump on a frozen lake behind the wheel of a Subaru Brat. For this video, the American stunt performer used what appeared like a stock 1984 Brat with a 1.8-liter boxer four-cylinder engine with just 73 horsepower (54 kilowatts). For his new project, though, it seems that he will be in control of much more power.

In fact, we are not completely sure Pastrana will participate in Subaru’s new project, though it makes sense since he is part of the Subaru Rally Team USA. The American division of the Japanese company has just teased “something big” on its Facebook channel, and even at this seemingly early stage, things are already looking quite promising.

Gallery: Subaru Hoonigan teaser images

Two teaser images provide a glimpse at what seems to be a race or a drift car prepared by the Hoonigan team. Subaru is doing a good job in hiding the details under the cover, though our educated guess is that this is a heavily modified version of the Subaru Brat. Judging by the front fascia, it seems to be from the 1987 or 1988 model year, but, obviously, this being a modded example, it’s very difficult to tell the exact year.


And, honestly, it doesn’t really matter. What we are about to see, probably, will have very little in common with the original car upon which it is based. Of course, what we see now could be deceiving and there could be something different hiding under the cover. Oh, did you see the carbon fiber headlight surrounds? They look awesome next to the classic 80s Subaru grille.

So, what’s in the works from Subaru? A Brat drift machine? Or some sort of a modified wagon with a roof rack? We’d like to hear your suggestions in the comments section below. The mic is yours.

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