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Porsche has registered the "GT5" moniker which will likely be used on a high performance version of a model that never received a similar treatment.

British magazine Autocar acquired the information and they believe the GT5 suffix will be used on a flagship version of the Panamera or Macan. They base their assumption on the fact that "GT5" doesn't have a motorsport equivalent at this point which could indicate it will be used on something different compared to the current crop of sportscars from Stuttgart that have motorsport equivalents.

Porsche refused to comment on this story, but the firm’s GT division chief Andreas Preuninger previously hinted there’s room in the lineup for additional models. A company spokesman said "in this increasingly competitive world it makes sense to cover any bases."

It should be mentioned Porsche applied for the "GT5" trademark in Germany back in August last year when they also applied for the "GT4" name which is now being used on the range-topping Cayman GT4 bound to receive a track-only version. Porsche received approval in October 2014 from the German office and on January 13 this year they also applied for the "GT5" trademark with the European office, but the application is still being examined.

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