Every now and then, you come upon something that makes you think hey, why didn't I think of that? We aren't in the business of building pickup truck campers, but seeing one with a fold-out rear deck certainly makes us wonder why we haven't seen more of them. Credit goes to Palomino RV and its new topper. In fact, it's so new it isn't even listed on Palomino's website.

We still have photos to share, and Palomino RV General Manager Ben Meloche spoke to Truck Camper at length about the new offering. It's based on the company's hard-side 2910 topper, though construction is a bit more robust to handle the large patio that folds down and hangs from the rear. As such, something this size isn't slipping into the back of a Ford Ranger. The 2910 is listed for one-ton pickups with an eight-foot bed, and at just shy of 11 feet with a dry weight of 3,572 pounds, this camper – called the 2912 – is also for big pickups.

Gallery: Palomino Truck Camper

The prominent feature is that rear folding deck. Such designs have been seen before on aftermarket or custom toppers, but Truck Camper reports it's never been done by a manufacturer. The cool feature adds just over six and a half feet of outdoor space at the rear and deploys by hand in a few minutes. It's rated for 1,500 pounds, and it's supported by two marine-grade steel cables capable of handling 1,200 pounds each. There are no legs that extend to the ground.

A rear entrance from the deck takes people inside, but there's a second side entrance for access when the deck is stowed. Inside the camper you'll find a three-burner stove with a modest sink, a wet bath, and a queen bed that sits in the cabover bunk. A fold-out sofa creates another sleeping area in the center of the camper, and it's packed with storage options as well as a television on a swing-out arm for entertainment while enjoying the deck. The camper carries 45 gallons of fresh water, 20 gallons of gray water, 20 gallons of black water, and a single 30-gallon propane tank. Lithium batteries are available.

The camper certainly makes good use of available space, and it has amenities to spare but it does come at a cost. According to Truck Camper, the MSRP for the Palomino 2912 and its trick deck is $41,500.

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