The Toyota Sequoia is an ancient beast roaming the roads virtually unchanged since this generation’s 2008 arrival. It’s closely related to the Tundra, which just underwent a complete redesign for the 2022 model year. It was long overdue, and we hope the Tundra’s debut means Toyota is looking at updating the Sequoia. New renderings from our friends at preview what a next-gen Sequoia could look like if Toyota based it on the new Tundra.

The third-generation Tundra has bold styling elements, especially at the front, where a massive grille occupies much of its face. That is left unchanged on the Sequoia renderings, and the enormous swathe of black is unlikely to please everyone. However, turning it into an SUV does help to temper the grille’s bold presence with added mass at the rear of the vehicle. The longer roof and extra side window glass help fill out the truck’s proportions.

Gallery: Next-Gen Toyota Sequoia Unofficial Renderings

The rendering’s rear looks quite spacious. Turning the Tundra into an SUV doesn’t require a lot of modifications at the back; however, we would expect the Sequoia’s rear hatch floor to be a bit closer to the ground for easier access to the cargo area behind the third-row seats. The Tundra’s blocky styling at the rear works well with an SUV shape, making for a compelling product.

The Tundra rides on Toyota’s TNGA-F body-on-frame platform, which also underpins the recently introduced Toyota Land Cruiser. It’s also expected to underpin the next-gen Sequoia whenever Toyota decides to reveal it, and we don’t expect it’ll be long before that happens. Last year, the company announced it would shift Sequoia production to its San Antonio, Texas, factory sometime in 2022. It will be built alongside the Toyota Tundra already assembled there, with the 2022 Pickup rolling off the assembly line by the end of the year. We expect the Sequoia to be close behind it.

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