Even before the Bronco was officially revealed, we knew Ford had all kinds of accessories planned for adventure-seeking buyers. There's a dedicated page of Bronco add-ons showing upwards of 200 items currently available, but to make some of those components come alive, Ford built a custom Bronco with a beach theme called Riptide.

It's based on a 2021 four-door model with the Sasquatch package, and before you ask, no it's not a new trim level you can buy. This is a concept, but if you're keen on an open-air surfing adventure, you can buy the accessories to make your own Riptide should you so desire. Almost all the accessories anyway. 

Gallery: Ford Bronco Riptide Project Vehicle

"For this Bronco Riptide project, we imagined a customer who enjoys the open air and a free-spirited West Coast lifestyle," said Missy Coolsaet, Bronco color and materials designer. "We wanted the vehicle to demonstrate how Bronco customers can personalize their vehicle, letting different types of customers visualize what they might want to do with their future Bronco."

To that end, Ford fitted this Bronco with a Bimini top, a Yakima bike rack, a Rigid LED light bar, mirror-mounted off-road lights, and it's obviously rocking the tube doors. Keen Bronco fans will notice the front bumper looks slightly different, but Ford says it's a prototype unit so alas, you can buy 99 percent of everything you need to make your own Riptide. Of course, you're on your own with the surfboards.

"Thanks to the Bronco modular design, we were able to outfit the vehicle with adventure gear that allows for freedom and versatility," explained Coolsaet. "Whether heading off to the mountains or along the California coast, the Bronco Riptide custom vehicle is ready for adventure."

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Ford is also keen to remind people that Blue Oval accessories can be rolled into the purchase price for a new Bronco, but that's easier said than done at the moment. Serious quality issues with the hardtop have forced Ford to halt production until October when new tops arrive. Additionally, Ford is replacing all hardtops on Broncosalready delivered and that will be done before new vehicles head down the assembly line. That doesn't mean folks can't place orders, but it could be over a year until orders are filled. No wonder some people are trying to get $150,000 for their newly acquired Bronco on eBay.

The Bronco Riptide joins an ever-growing group of Ford-built off-road concepts designed to showcase customization options available from the factory.

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