Yes, you've already seen photos of the Ford Maverick and yes, they included images of the base model Maverick XL. It's the cheapest Maverick you can get with a base price of $19,995, though it's really $21,490 once you add in the mandatory destination charge. Of course, automakers always present their vehicles in the best possible way, which might skew perception of the truck in a natural, real-life situation.

That's why we're happy to share these images of a Maverick XL, courtesy of @aidancarspotter on Instagram. We aren't exactly sure of the location, but we do see a Bronco and F-150 flanking it for some perspective on size. It's definitely a small truck, but perhaps more importantly here is an image showing the basic interior. And actually, compared to the old compact Ranger, this entry-level model doesn't look bad at all.

Gallery: 2022 Ford Maverick XL

The basic interior comes with cloth seats, and there's certainly an abundance of gray throughout the cabin. There's a 4.2-inch productivity screen in the instrument cluster as well as a standard-issue 8.0-inch center touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Of course the windows and locks are all powered and there's air conditioning, so while it's basic, it's not exactly bare-bones either.

Aside from the 17-inch steel wheels, the Maverick's standard powertrain is the 2.5-liter hybrid four-cylinder driving just the front wheels through a CVT. Such a configuration isn't exactly truck-like, but as we saw previously with a leaked Ford Maverick product guide, the automaker is keen to sell this truck to a different audience that hasn't considered a truck before. With a trick 4.5-foot bed that's configurable for a variety of cargo duties and an estimated 40-mpg rating in the city, Ford could indeed grab new buyers to the truck scene.

Look for the Maverick and all its trim levels to arrive in dealerships this fall.

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