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A Geo Tracker isn’t a compact crossover from the 90s that draws a lot of attention. That title would probably go to the Hummer H1, but the one recently sold on Cars and Bids, a 1996 model, is quite unique even if its cutesy exterior says otherwise. Underneath the immaculate exterior and bright red paint is a potent V6 from a fifth-generation Chevy Camaro. That’s quite a lot of power for the crossover.

New, the Tracker came with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder making just 96 horsepower (72 kilowatts) in 1996. However, the Tracker now has the chunky 3.6-liter V6 squeezed between the fenders. The engine made 323 hp (240 kW) and 278 pound-feet (376 Newton-meters) of torque, and that’s a big upgrade for the tiny crossover, though it could be making a bit more. The car features a cold air intake, a dual-exhaust system with cat-delete, and high-flow mufflers.

Gallery: 1996 Geo Tracker With Camaro V6

Power routes to the rear wheels through the Camaro’s six-speed automatic gearbox and a 4.30 rear differentials, though there are other upgrades. The Tracker features a custom radiator, LED headlights, a custom instrument panel insert, a touchscreen head unit, 17-inch Dodge Ram wheels, and more. Standard features include hand-crank windows, cloth upholstery, and a manual-folding soft top. A respray in Porsche’s Guards Red paint really makes it pop, hiding any of the blemishes you’d expect to see on a 25-year-old car.

The auction closed today, and the Tracker sold for a hearty $14,250. At first glance, the modified Tracker looks like any other well-kept Tracker, but the aftermarket wheels and chunkier tires indicate this is something a bit more unique. It may seem a bit ridiculous to stuff such a large engine inside such a small vehicle – there wasn’t room for the air conditioner and the V6 engine – but it’s a well-done build that we expect would be a blast to drive.

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