The Geo Metro! We don’t talk enough about this phenomenon in the automotive industry. A joint effort of General Motors and Suzuki, the Metro was basically a variation of the Suzuki Cultus for the North American market where it was sold between 1989 and 2001 - and was one of the cheapest new cars available at the time.

If you take a look at the second-hand market now, prices for used Metros vary between the low hundreds and several thousand American dollars. We’ve seen a few very good examples of the budget car, including a weird project such as this green dually truck, but we’ve never seen an example that’s in as good condition as this one.

Gallery: 1993 Geo Metro for sale

It’s from the 1993 model year and is still owned by its original buyer. It has only 35,000 miles on the odometer and looks absolutely fantastic from every angle. Well, maybe fantastic is a bit of an exaggeration for a car like the Metro but you get the idea.

The blue hatchback from the gallery above may very well be the cleanest and nicest example of the Metro we’ve ever seen. The only thing we’d do if we buy it is to give it a comprehensive wash and take good care of the interior. See these spots on the steering wheel, door panels, and front seat belts? These can be easily cleaned to give the humble hatch an even fresher look.

But! At $4,785, the price is a bit steep for a vehicle that is now 27 years old and is not really considered a collector’s car by anyone. Yes, the condition is great and there’s little to be desired but maybe you should offer the seller something closer to the $3,500 mark. Good luck!

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