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Hower Built, a company that specializes in making fabricated pop-up campers and custom motorhome projects, has introduced a new product that would probably excite truck owners who are yearning for an adventure with their rigs.

This is called the Base Camp, and it's probably the tallest pop-top camper we've ever seen, which makes for a very spacious liveable space. Even better, it fits any pickup truck, with the capability to sleep two people and hold up to 300 pounds of weight above the pop-top roof.

Gallery: Hower Built Base Camp Pop-Top Truck Camper

For starters, the Base Campe only weighs 400 lbs, thanks to its aluminum frame. Its electronically-controlled scissor lift opens up to 6 feet and 5 inches of interior headroom, while the camper itself measures 112 inches in length. The pop-top camper is available in standard and XL width, which should fit any pickup truck and can even be custom-fitted to your truck, according to Hower Built. For those who like off-road adventures and prefer to stay the night after, this should be a good addition to your rig.

That said, the Base Camp can accommodate a 3-inch queen-size mattress. When the pop-top roof is down, there's a 6-inch cavity which means pillows and blankets can stay atop the bed. The aluminum frame is also partnered with composite panels, specifically, ABS baffled pour, which has an R5 insulation rating.

Apart from the mentioned space and materials, the Base Camp also comes with interior amenities such as eight LED ceiling lights with dimmer, multiple USB ports and 12V sockets, 100 amp-hour lithium battery. It's also pre-wired for solar panels so that's an off-grid option that you can take.

The Hower Built Base Camp has a starting price of $14,000, which can be higher depending on the features and requests that customers may have. The company currently requires a minimum $1,000 deposit, with projected delivery happening in Spring 2022.

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