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Full-size off-road trucks are cool, but what is it about radio-controlled scale replicas that make them even cooler? There are all kinds of 1:10 scale off-roaders you can buy off the shelf that are ready-to-run, but you won't find a camper like this. And if that's not enough, it even pulls a 1:10 scale race boat for double the fun.

This cool video comes from rc helistef on YouTube. That camper body is a customized 1:10 scale work of art that you can't buy at your local hobby store, and the closer you look, the more detail you see. The classic RV-style swoop graphics on the sides immediately garner attention, but look closer and you'll see at least some interior detail in the front with seats and a steering wheel. The camper has roof-mounted HVAC components, and there's a small exhaust pipe at the back. The sides are unique with a door and small window on the passenger side, and large dual windows on the driver side. And of course you can't tow a trailer without big tow mirrors.

There's more custom work underneath the body. The chassis starts life as an Axial Wraith rock crawler, a popular 1:10 scale electric rig. This camper gets upgraded wheels and tires from another radio-controlled brand called Redcat, specifically the Gen8 rock crawler and if you look closely at the rear, you'll see this overland machine is actually a dually. As for other tweaks, rc helistef is coy on the details but this electric truck has no trouble wading through deep water, so in this instance, water and electricity do mix.

Towing the scale race boat is only half the fun here, because the boat is also radio-controlled and ready for action. The camper backs into water deep enough to float the boat off the trailer, then it takes off for some RC fun of its own. A first-person camera view on the boat takes us along for the ride, and it has absolutely no problem getting up to speed. When the water sports are finished, the boat drives up to the waiting trailer and everything comes out hands-free. How cool is that?

Part of the magic of overlanding is getting off-grid and away from technology but honestly, this is a bit of tech we'd love to have around at all times.

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