Once upon a time, radio-controlled cars were relegated to two genres. You had off-road stuff like trucks and buggies for jumping everything in sight, and you had on-road cars for carving scale corners. These days, there are all kinds of sub-categories for RC fans to specialize in, and Traxxas is going all-out for drag racers with a new classic Chevy truck in 1:10 scale.

Say hello to the Drag Slash, and yes, it's purpose-built to go fast in a straight line. Don't think for a moment this is just a standard on-road RC car with fat tires – Traxxas gives the Drag Slash all kinds of tech that's not unlike what you'd find on a full-size drag racer. It has a specialized gearbox with metal gears and a four-gear differential filled with fluid, all designed to get the power to the ground. Speaking of which, it comes with a Velineon 3500kV brushless 10-turn motor that powers legit Mickey Thompson drag slicks at the back, albeit one-tenth their normal size. How cool is that?

Gallery: Traxxas Drag Slash R/C Drag Racing Chevrolet Truck

Anyone into the RC scene knows it's actually pretty tough to keep a high-powered car pointed in a straight line. To help with that, the Drag Slash comes with an adjustable stability management system to aid in traction, and it can be completely disabled for events that don't allow such things. For that matter, it also has a "trans brake" on the controller that basically overrides the throttle setting. Press the trans brake button and squeeze the throttle trigger and the Drag Slash will hold steady at the line. Release the button and it launches with however much power you're applying at the trigger.

As the video at the top of the article shows, the truck launches with enough force to make that adjustable wheelie bar at the back absolutely necessary. That obviously depends on how grippy the surface is, but on this gritty tarmac, we definitely see the front wheels lift off the line. The suspension is also adjustable, and though Traxxas doesn't mention speed, it looks stupid fast at the other end. The only problem seems to be time – just like real drag racing, it's all over in just a few seconds.

Traxxas Drag Slash 1:10 Scale Chassis View
Traxxas Drag Slash 1:10 Scale Chevy Pickup Front View

Perhaps that's why the truck is exceptionally detailed, not unlike what we see in the current crop of off-road RC trucks. The body is modeled after a 1967 Chevrolet C10 pickup truck, and from the grille to the bed and the cool headlights, it looks freaking fantastic.

Traxxas says the Drag Slash is arriving in stores now, with a price tag of $499. That gets you almost everything you need to go racing right out of the box, including the radio and a set of tools. You'll need a battery pack, battery charger, and AA batteries for the controller before you hit the track.


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