Friends, making the best of bad situations is what gets us through this thing called life. Right now in the United States, winter weather is definitely making things rough with half the country getting blitzed by snow, frigid temperatures, and rolling blackouts in the power grid. What we need is a pick-me-up. What we need is a way to have some fun. We need scale-model, radio-controlled Mercedes Unimogsnow plows, and we need them now.

Fortunately, there are solutions. The above video from YouTube was recently shared on Reddit, showcasing a very cool Unimog plowing a sidewalk. There are actually a few companies that offer scale-model Unimogs; the video doesn't state a specific brand for this particular truck but it looks like the 1:12 Unimog from Carson. It is available with a plow, though admittedly it looks a bit large for a 1:12 scale rig. Tamiya also offers an RC Unimog, though it's nothing like the snow plowing machine seen here.

Our choice for a supremely cool scale-model Unimog comes from German-based ScaleART. This company is mentioned in the Reddit post; it offers an intricately detailed Unimog 437 with a variety of body styles and accessories galore, and yes, that includes a functional hydraulic plow. It uses actual portal axles, comes with lights, and there are numerous parts available for extra customization. It's electric-powered with a multi-speed transmission, and for full effect, it even makes diesel engine sounds.

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Photo Credit: ScaleART

ScaleART doesn't mention a specific scale for its Unimog, but a stated model length of 415 millimeters suggests it's in the 1:10 range. In short, it's large enough to move some snow but not so large as to take up valuable garage space. However, it's also quite expensive – the basic kit costs €2,250 and add-ons can easily take the price over €5,000, which translates to $6,000 in US currency.


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