The new Honda Civic Hatchback debuted on June 23, and the automaker already has a modest selection of factory accessories waiting in the wings to dress it up. Posted on Honda's Japanese website is a very short description of items that will be offered for the hatch in the fall, though at this point it's unclear if those items will be available in markets outside Japan.

As you'd expect, a majority of the components dress up the hatchback's exterior. Starting at the front, Honda offers a lower skirt that ever-so-slightly adds a bit of aggression to the fascia. Door mirror covers are available, there's a rear wing to sit above this thin lip spoiler already at the back, and of course you can get an upgraded set of wheels. The photos also show tinted rain guards above the side windows, but Honda doesn't specifically mention them.

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On the flip side of that, Honda mentions some kind of illumination for the center console and drink holder but it's not pictured. Sticking with interior upgrades, we see an illuminated Civic badge for the door sill, and a pattern projector can also light up the ground with a Civic emblem when the driver door is opened. It's a small collection of items to be sure, and while the photos showcase these upgrades on a Civic Hatchback, we suspect all but the rear spoiler would work on the sedan as well.

Given the Civic's popularity and its history of being a highly customized car among owners, we wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see additional factory-sourced accessories offered in the future. Honda doesn't have any pricing available yet – we don't even have pricing for the new Civic Hatchback – and a Honda spokesperson couldn't confirm if these items will be offered to US buyers. For what it's worth, we really hope these items are sold in the States because they add some excitement to the Civic's conservative shape without going too far.

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