Mugen has tuned and raced Hondas for nearly 30 years. With a new Civic in the mix, of course a Mugen version is in the works. Details are coming in September, but Mugen now offers a couple of teaser images showing what we can expect.

The mild body kit is easily identified. Basically, everything black on the lower side of the car is an upgrade, including chin treatments up front with side skirts and a rear fascia that eliminates the trapezoid exhaust outlets. A modest spoiler sits atop the rear deck; window vents and mirror covers are added, and the Civic rides on a set of snazzy new wheels.

2022 Honda Civic Mugen Rear View

A short description from Mugen tells us those wheels are 18-inch forged aluminum with an emphasis on sporty driving. Sticking with that theme, Mugen also mentions a sporty exhaust upgrade as part of the package. It works well with the upgraded rear fascia, as the new exhaust boasts dual oval finishers out the back, one at each corner.

Honda Civic
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It's definitely a performance-oriented look that improves the Civic hatchback featured above. Mugen will also offer sport mats, which the company says prevents outside air from entering while enhancing ventilation. We aren't exactly sure what that means, but hey, we'll take it.

Mugen doesn't specify between the sedan and hatchback for its offerings. Certainly there will be items available for both trims, but with the new Civic Hatchback being the only version offered with a manual transmission, we suspect it will receive more attention. In either case, these modest upgrades look like simple-yet-effective solutions for those who feel the eleventh-generation Civic is too conservative in its styling.

We are standing by for more Civic Mugen information, which is coming on September 3.

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