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The '60s and '70s are considered the golden age of muscle cars, but we all know that this segment of automobiles hasn't really died in the hearts of Americans. To this day, there are still a few muscle car nameplates that you can buy but admittedly, their population has dwindled due to technological advancements, discouraging fuel prices, and the move to veer away from using fossil fuels.

The last bit hits harder, though. The United States is on its final stretch before full electrification, with some states like California already vowing to ban the sale of new internal combustion engine-powered vehicles as early as 2035.

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That said, what does Dodge – one of the remaining automakers that still produce pure American muscle cars (or somewhere in the ballpark as some would point out) – reckon about the era of electrification?

"Everybody knows electrification is coming, we’ll reinvent the muscle car as far as Dodge is concerned. I’m extremely excited about where the future is going, but right now everybody is enjoying 'the bachelor party.' This is the last hurrah," said Matt McAlear, head of Dodge sales operations in an interview with Muscle Cars and Trucks.

We all know that the Dodge Challenger and Charger are almost inseparable from Hemi V8 engines, which arguably make them an attractive proposition to their patrons. With this statement, albeit not explicitly stated, the automaker's headed to electrified powertrains.

That's in line with previous reports about Dodge and electrification, which absolutely makes sense. Since that's where the market's headed to, and since these are the cars that will sell in the foreseeable future, it's important for these companies to keep up.

Simply put – if America's best-selling vehicle has already gone electric, why should others decline? Besides, McAlear's clearly positive about the future of Dodge muscle cars, telling MC&T that "the replacements are going to be so much more exciting."

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