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Is your Chevy Silverado lacking in the power department? Well, don’t worry because the team at SVE in Toms River New Jersey has a solution for you. Welcome to the supercharged Yenko/SC Silverado, which is ready to boost your Silverado into a new plane of performance.

We are in the golden age of pickup trucks here in America. The sheer variety of trucks available coupled with their value proposition makes this one of the best times in history to be a truck enthusiast. If you’re looking for a truck that can handle high-speed desert running there’s something for you, what about a top-tier luxury experience? Yup, you can choose from endless offerings of leather-clad luxury barges.

When it comes to sporty trucks built for on-road performance there’s a distinct gap left by OEMs who now focus their attention on off-road capability for their high-performance trucks. That’s where the team at SVE performance comes in with their Yenko/SC Silverado sport truck package.

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For starters, your Silverado needs the optional 6.2-liter V8 as the basis for this build. SVE includes a 3.0-liter supercharger the boosts output of your V8 to 710 horsepower while remaining 50-states emissions compliant and carrying a 3-year 36,000mile warranty.

To support this newfound power SVE includes massive 6-piston front brakes along with a serious suspension overhaul that includes, 2" lower progressive-rate front springs and 5" rear lowering package w/Fox shocks. There’s also a Larger diameter (1.125”) heavy-duty rear sway bar assembly and heavy-duty traction bars to help reduce wheel hop and get all of this power to the ground.

Outside of engine and suspension changes, SVE offers unique exterior styling touches that can be customized to fit your unique requests. The result is a Silverado that fills in the street truck void left by OEMs with factory levels of fit and finish.

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