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Truth be told, the new generation Honda Civic is receiving some serious backlash in terms of its exterior styling. The understatement has practically turned the previously boy-racer-type sedan into a mature-looking smaller brother of the Honda Accord. It's like the nameplate is all grown-up now ready to suit up for the corporate world.

While some people (like myself) aren't entirely offended by this move, we've seen others who have been bashing the automaker for this design direction. So much so that unofficial requests for redesign have been thrown around – and TheSketchMonkey on YouTube has answered the call.

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The 14-minute sped-up process saw changes including some tweaks on the 11th-generation Civic's nose and a resize of the lower grille. The kink by the C-pillar was also updated, while the taillights were also given changes to give it a "sportier" look than the official model.

If you're looking for dramatic design changes via TheSketchMonkey's redesign attempt, you'd be greatly disappointed. The updates were really subtle, but do you think they did well in giving the Civic a more palatable appeal? You'd be the judge, but we encourage you to watch the video atop this page and skip towards the end for a comparison, both front and rear.

Let's all be reminded that design is a matter of taste. You'd hate the new Civic if you adore the aggressive styling of the outgoing model, while those who were appalled by the Civic X's boy-racer appeal will surely love the new mature take.

Good thing the overall minimalist aesthetic of the new Civic's cabin has received a more positive consensus than the exterior – kind of a saving grace for Honda's most successful model to date.

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