For enthusiasts, the biggest issue of EVs is the lack of driver engagement. That's because most EVs have their motors directly connected either to the wheels or the axle, which eliminates the need for a transmission.

But ECU Shop in Thailand might have the solution to this problem. In this video, courtesy of CB Media, you'll see an unassuming Honda Civic EG that's painted blue and with a crazy see-through hood. However, a closer look at what resides inside will tell you that this isn't any ordinary tuned Civic EG. It's actually a fully electric Civic that's converted by ECU Shop.

Beyond cool cars shown inside the ECU shop – including the Isuzu D-Max and Toyota Hilux drag trucks, along with an S15 convertible hardtop, a Dragster 2JZ, and a Superleggera Gallardo – the video's main highlight involves testing the EV-converted Civic EG.

According to the video, the Honda Civic EV conversion boasts 250 wheel horsepower and 440 foot-pounds of torque. And while EV conversion isn't exactly new these days – even Nissan is teasing its own Skyline GT-R R32 EV conversion project – ECU Shop's creation throws a sequential transmission into the mix, which should be good for driver engagement.

Meanwhile, the battery pack is positioned at the rear of the car to provide better weight distribution. The sequential transmission was retrofitted into the car, plus ECU Shop engineers have developed their own system to keep the battery pack cool.

When taken for a spin around the streets of Bangkok, the Civic showcased its torquey acceleration and the electric motor's smooth power delivery. The car's speed and handling are said to be impressive, plus it can also easily spin its wheels at low speeds.

This isn't the first time we've heard of a manual transmission for an electric vehicle. Toyota seems to be toying with that idea as well, with a patent application for the technology revealed last year. On the other hand, Honda isn't too keen on the idea of fake manual gearboxes for EVs, saying that it will find other ways to make driving electric cars fun.

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