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Limousines can come in all shapes and sizes, as there’s ample evidence that any make and model could be turned into one. Limos have grown from elongated sedans into elongated crossovers and SUVs, following consumer trends, which can lead to some interesting builds. Take this 2016 Ford Explorer as an example. It’s been stretched, adding your typical limo interior, but it also keeps the third-row seats

The extra pair of chairs in the back is nice, though it doesn’t appear that third-row occupants get to enjoy any of the extra space added between the wheels. The pictures appear to show that the spacing between the third- and second-row seats are unchanged from a stock Explorer and that it looks quite claustrophobic back there. Cramming your drunk friend in there at 4 a.m. would be an ordeal, but having two more seats wouldn’t be a terrible thing. It looks to seat a dozen or so people in total. 

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The rest of the Explorer is your standard limo fare. There’s a bench seat situated on one side, with seatbelts, which sits opposite of an expansive mini-bar. The limo also sports a TV in the back along with a rear sunroof for extra fun. Powering the length beast is Ford’s 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 that produces 365 horsepower (260 kilowatts) and 350 pound-feet (474 Newton-meters) of torque. It boasts a six-speed automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive

The Explorer wears Ford’s White Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat exterior paint and its Ebony Black leather interior. The seller is asking $59,998 for the converted Explorer, which is a bit more than the original’s $45,000 price tag. And it’s not like the SUV doesn’t have its issues. The roof doesn’t look the best, though that could be a result of the photo quality. Either way, this Ford Explorer limo could make a great company starter Vehicle as we crawl out of this pandemic to party.

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