Style over speed.

While the name Maxlider Motors may not ring a bell for many of you, the company is mostly known for its work on the Ford Bronco. Thankfully, the shop also works on other Blue Oval vehicles such as the F-150. After many forays into customizing the pickup, Maxlider’s latest iteration is referred to as the Midnite Edition.

There are many mods that go into the transformation from factory to Midnite, but one of the most noticeable is a six-inch lift kit, accompanied by a set of Fox 2.5 coilovers. As it’s almost obligatory to upsize tires after a lift, customers will have the option to choose 20 or 22-inch wheels, along with 35-inch BFGoodrich K02 or KM3 tires – which fit comfortably under slightly wider fender flares.


While a lift-kit and bigger tires are great, one of the focal points of the F-150 mod kit is the lights at the front. It’d be a bit silly to have Midnite in the callsign without having a killer lighting system, right? That’s why the upgraded steel front bumper comes with integrated LED lighting elements and the Premium model includes a massive LED lightbar. If that didn’t already transform this truck into a head-turner, the build also includes a graphics package.

Surprisingly, the powertrain remains largely untouched throughout the modification process. However, MM does plan to offer mild power-adders in the future such as a cold-air intake and performance exhaust system. The interior is much the same story, featuring embroidered headrests and not much else – premium buyers will receive an additional build plaque.

Pricing information is still unknown, but reservations for the Midnite Edition are starting now. If the shop’s custom Bronco models are anything to go by, we’d wager that you should act fast.

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