It’s no surprise that Cleetus McFarland only knows one speed in life: flat out. That’s why we weren’t surprised after he bought a NASCAR-caliber car carrier to tow behind his Toter home. Just as they do in professional race teams, the new setup will allow Cleetus and Co. to streamline their workflow at the shop and at the track.

Every racer and car enthusiast knows that it’s impossible just to have one project car. Thankfully, the new trailer – affectionately known as Freedom Force One – allows Cleetus to bring up to four freedom-machines to any race track worth driving to.

In preparing for the 2021 TX2K21 drag-racing event at Houston Raceway Park along with Cleetus and Cars, Mr. McFarland showed us the process of loading four of his race cars into the new trailer – he opted to bring his two slow Novas along with Leroy and Ruby. While the capacity to pack four cars is certainly impressive, this high-level equipment makes it incredibly easy to do so. 

The motorhome at the front of the rig is a 2021 Renegade Toter home which is small in comparison to other models, but still provides excellent power and creature comforts. Under the hood lies a 950-cubic-inch (15.6-liter) inline-six diesel, which puts out 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts) and 2,000 foot-pounds (2,712 newton-meters) under 1,000 rpm – Cleetus said it can basically tow anything, and he’s probably right. This isn’t the average Ford F-450 Dually you see at the Saturday-night run-what-you’ve-brung events at your local drag strip.

From the cockpit, it’s no surprise that the Toter home has all of the bells and whistles. Along with adjustable suspension height and lockable axles, it also has state-of-the-art navigation equipment supplied by Garmin. We could go on for a while, but clearly, Cleetus will have no excuses when it comes to participating in 2021 race events around the United States. 

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