The Singer Southampton Commission clearly belongs to a buyer who is not afraid of having a little color in his or her life. The body is an eye-catching shade of teal, and the interior has orange seats.

Singer refers to this color as Perfect Blue, but there appears to be a little green mixed into the paint that creates the teal hue. A lighter blue stripe wraps around the entire vehicle, and this long widens along the side to make room for the Porsche logo in Deep Orange. The same emblem also appears on the rear decklid. The buyer specifies an external location for the fuel filler and oil filler.

Gallery: Singer Reimagined Porsche 911 Southampton Commission

The Southampton Commission rides on Fuchs-style wheels. The buyer selects the open lug nut version of them. The brake calipers are Deep Orange with contrasting white lettering.

Woven suede dominates the upholstery, and most of the material is an orange color that matches the logos on the outside. Teal stripes decorate the seats and door panels. The buyer specifies the lightweight carbon fiber track seats with brass grommets. 

The transmission tunnel and non-upholstered sections of the rear are Perfect Blue as a further way to bring the body color inside of the vehicle. The steering wheel has a black suede covering with light blue stitching.

It seems like the buyer might actually intend to drive this reimagined Porsche 911 because the person specifies some comfort options. The Southampton Commission has air conditioning and navigation, so the machine should be very usable.

This model uses Singer's 4.0-liter flat-six engine. It runs through a six-speed manual, and the buyer opts for a rear-wheel-drive layout.

Taken as a whole, the Southampton Commission seems like a fantastic recipe for a reimagined Porsche 911. It's sporty enough to be fun but has the comfort features not to be a pain on a long drive. Plus, the color combination is great.

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