Configuring your brand new car sounds like a sweet job to do but in reality, it can be frustrating on many levels. Read the forums for opinions, deal with tons of optional features and decide which ones are good and which ones pointless, meet with the dealer (at least a few times) - these can all eliminate the fun part of buying a new car. But thankfully, just like the cars, the shopping methods are also evolving.

The social distancing rules of 2020 motivated many automakers to rethink the way they sell new cars. Porsche is not lagging behind and is running online configurators in basically every market where brand new Porsches are sold. Not only that, but the Stuttgart-based manufacturer has just introduced an intelligent configurator that helps you build your new car.

Gallery: Porsche AI new car configurator

The so-called Recommended Engine analyzes several million data points thanks to more than 270 machine learning models that were trained for specific markets and different versions. Based on the choices of each individual customer, the algorithm tries to predict what options could be suitable for the needs of the respective customer.

Porsche claims that the AI configurator is more than 90 percent accurate. This means “there is on average a 90 percent likelihood that a suggested feature will match a customer's interest.” This rate will continue to improve over time because the engine is self-learning and optimizing.

“By using artificial intelligence in the Porsche Car Configurator, we’re making the configuration process easier for our customers,” Axel Berger, Project Manager in the Advanced Analytics and Smart Data department at Porsche, explains. “We’re using this technology to create a truly personalized online experience where we display relevant equipment options – no two users receive the same recommendations.”

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