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Isn't it annoying when you have the funds and the means to have your car repaired but your dealership just doesn't have the parts? Well, that's the exact issue that this guy from Judahs Garage on YouTube is in right now with his Chevrolet Corvette.

While the details of the accident on his Vette C8 weren’t really disclosed, it looks like it went through a major one. So much so that the entire front of the mid-engine sports car was removed, plus the right side door and skirts have been damaged.

Problem is, he's having a hard time dealing with his Chevrolet dealer. To cut the story short, the replacement parts aren't available at the moment, which means that his C8 won't go anywhere soon. 

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As it turns out, all this guy needs is a lot of time, creativity, and a box full of instant ramen to repair his C8 – at least the hole in the door, anyway. Now, time and again we've seen videos on the interwebs with people using instant ramen noodles to repair anything like toilet bowls and tables, among others, but this is the first time we've seen a Corvette getting the same treatment.

Was it successful? As you can see in the video on top of this page, it kind of was, but the result was hideous. It's obvious that these guys did it for laughs but seeing the final product, it didn't look half-bad considering that the entire door replacement costs $1,500. With only instant ramen noodles, lots of hot glue, putty, and touch-up spray paint involved, it's a commendable effort. Maybe he can continue doing it for the other wrecked parts?

Anyway, as an ender, let us remind you to not do this at home, okay? Or maybe you can, but just for the laughs.

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