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We can now say it again - this is the world's quickest and most powerful Nissan R35 GT-R! We are talking about the AMS Performance Alpha Omega GT-R that now makes the 0-60 mph sprint in 1.72 seconds!

But that's not all - the AMS flagship 2000+ HP GT-R needs only 7.984 seconds to perform the quarter mile run at 186 mph (299.33 km/h) on the finish line. Eight months ago the car was able to do a 9.447-second 1/4 run at 161.62 mph (260.11 km/h).

Want more? 60-130 mph (96-209 km/h) in 2.67 seconds and 100-150 mph (160-240 km/h) in 2.42 seconds.

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