2019 Nissan Maxima First Drive: Resisting The Trend

It’s hard not to see doom and gloom in the sedan segment. We’re assaulted with stories about the rise of the crossover and about automakers killing their sedan ranges on what feels like a daily basis. In reality, though, cars are still big business, with sales of small, medium, and large models (including hatchbacks) representing 3.4 million units through November of 2018. And as some brands flee, Nissan is sticking around.

“[Nissan is] bullish about the sedan market,” Anne Corrao, director and chief marketing manager for the 2019 Nissan Maxima, told Motor1.com at the car’s launch in Napa Valley, California. “If you bring the right car, you have an opportunity.”

Nissan is confident the Maxima’s refresh is just that, and is casting a wide net to attract customers ranging from Millennials to Gen X shoppers to Baby Boomers.

2019 Nissan Maxima: First Drive

Exterior changes are subtle but effective. The Smyrna, Tennessee-built sedan now features Nissan’s latest “V-motion” design scheme, like what the brand first introduced on the 2019 Altima. The Maxima’s refreshed front-end features a bolder grille design and more assertive front fascia that better emphasizes the body lines that flow across the hood and along the sides of the car. For even more visual contrast, Nissan swapped out some body-color elements in favor of piano-black or chrome ...