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Today Ford laid out plans for a $700 million investment into its historic Rouge truck plant in Dearborn, which includes the construction of a dedicated Rouge Electric Vehicle Center. There the company will build the new electric F-150 alongside its traditional gas-powered counterparts – and now we have more details on what the battery-powered F-150 will pack.

Ford says the F-150 EV will feature dual electric motors that will make this truck the quickest, most powerful F-150 ever. Specifics like horsepower and torque are still unknown, but the company’s claim means the electric F-150 will have more than the 450 horsepower (336 kilowatts) available in the 2020 F-150 Limited and its high-output EcoBoost V6.

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Electric F-150 buyers will also be able to use their truck as a mobile generator (similar to the onboard jobsite power found on the gas version), receive over-the-air-updates, and be able to make use of a giant frunk (or front trunk) capable of carrying hundreds of pounds. As Kumar Galhotra, Ford president of the americas and international markets group, notes – the electric F-150 "is not a lifestyle truck, it was designed and engineered for hardworking customers that need a truck to do a job."

"F-Series pickups are the backbone of work and productivity across the country," CEO Jim Farley notes. "And now we are preparing to build a fully electric version of America's most popular vehicle, and it will be a seriously capable, purpose-built tool for serious truck customers."

Unfortunately, it will still be two years before the new electric F-150 hits the market. Ford says that we won't see the battery-powered truck until at least mid-2022. That said, production of the latest 2021 F-150 kicks off at Ford's Rouge truck plant today, with PowerBoost hybrid, Raptor, and diesel versions of the F-150 expected to follow shortly thereafter.

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