After releasing the first computer sketches of the ID.4’s exterior last week, Volkswagen is now taking a look at the vehicle’s cabin in a new batch of teasers. The electric architecture that underpins the crossover has allowed the German company to develop a radically different cabin compared to the brand’s combustion-powered vehicles. VW calls this formula “freedom on the outside, free space on the inside.”

As teased with the preview images, the door handles of the ID.4 will be electrical and Volkswagen explains they open large openings for easy access to the cabin. The seating position at the front is typical for an SUV, while at the back - according to the company’s press release - the “seat bench offers as much space as a conventional SUV in the next higher category.” The cargo volume is 543 liters (19.17 cubic feet).

Gallery: 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 teaser images

An innovative feature Volkswagen seems to be especially proud of is the so-called ID.Light which is essentially an LED light strip below the windshield. It is designed to inform the driver about different notifications related to the vehicle’s systems, including incoming phone calls, whether the car is locked or unlocked, emergency braking, and more.

Depending on the trim level, the ID.4 will be offered with optional or standard AGR-approved front seats with an electric adjustment and built-in massage function. The seat covers are made of animal-free materials or, more precisely, of leatherette and ArtVelours – a synthetic material that consists of around 20 percent recycled PET bottles.

The ID.4 is “quickly approaching its launch” but Volkswagen is not ready to reveal the debut date yet. In the latest press release, the Germans briefly mention it will celebrate its world premiere “before the end of September 2020.”

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Ample space, purist design, high-effect lighting and sustainable upholstery ma-terials: the ID.4’s interior is a modern feel-good lounge that opens up the new character of Volkswagen brand’s first fully electric SUV to all the senses.