Jeep first showed the electrified off-roader earlier this year at CES.

Jeep’s plan to electrify its lineup by 2022 is well underway. In July, the brand revealed the Renegade and Compass 4xe PHEVs. Soon, they’ll be joined by another – the Wrangler 4xe. We first heard about Jeep’s electrified boxy off-roader in January with the automaker promising to share more information later this year. Time is running out, but it appears Jeep will fulfill its promise, announcing today it’ll reveal the Wrangler 4xe this December.

While Jeep did show off the Wrangler 4xe earlier this year, there’s still a lot we don’t know about it. Powertrain details remain a mystery, for example. Jeep uses a turbocharged 1.3-liter four-cylinder to power its other PEHVs, but rumors persist the automaker will pair the Wrangler’s existing 3.6-liter V6 mill with the electrified components. Jeep will protect the electrified bits by placing them in a protected area between the exhaust and the driveshaft.

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Spy photos of the hybrid off-roader don’t show many design changes. There’ll need to be a door for the charging cable to access the charging port, and there’ll be 4xe badging and branding. Otherwise, from the images, the hybrid Wrangler looks just like your gas-powered one. It’s still unclear if Jeep will offer the 4xe for both the two- and four-door models. So far, we’ve only seen four-door test vehicles.

Jeep teased the Wrangler 4xe back in July, hot on the heels of the Ford Bronco reveal, positioning it as “so quiet it won’t disturb nap time” of a horse. A bit on the nose, though Jeep hammers the same nail twice in the latest teaser. In it, bold letters say, “Blend in with nature,” another nod to its hybrid powertrain. Jeep has new competition from Ford, and that’ll only lead to great things for consumers as the two fight to stand out from each other. That would include adding some form of electrification.

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