It's a goal of many hardcore Jeep enthusiasts to take their vehicle to Moab at least once. The off-roading mecca features some of the most challenging trails with incredible views. Many of these trails feature steep, rutted inclines that are not for the faint of heart. Then, there are routes like the Cliffhanger Trail, which are positively terrifying. 

Cliffhanger Trail offers an incredible view of the mesa and valley below from the driver's seat. However, the dropoff starts a few feet from the Jeep Wrangler's wheels. Put a wheel wrong, and it's a one-way trip down hundreds of feet to the bottom of the canyon.  

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The trail starts off relatively flat, if narrow, before shifting to rocky, uneven terrain. Rock walls jut out, requiring the driver to steer around them, inching even closer to the ledge. The Jeep crawls a few feet at a time, pitching every which way over the jagged surface. 

When the video cuts to an outside view, we gain a new perspective of the trail. It's not as narrow, with less of a dropoff than it appears from inside the Jeep, and the views are even more spectacular. However, the outside perspective makes the trail look more jagged and uneven, with steeper elevation changes.  

At one point, the Wrangler looks like it's ascending a staircase. It's not as long or as steep as Hell's Gate, but being perched on a narrow ledge makes it just as treacherous. Suddenly, it slips, tipping to the driverside, narrowly avoiding smashing into the rocky wall with its rear fender. 

According to online guides, Cliffhanger Trail is the only vehicle route to Amasa Back, an isolated area bounded by a big loop of the Colorado River with incredible views. It also leads to some petroglyphs above the Colorado River canyon, along with other evidence of early visitation. Getting there is a challenge requiring a capable off-road vehicle. But for many people, it's not about the views or the petroglyphs but the challenge of surmounting the difficult terrain. 

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