When a vehicle sits as long as this Jeep, there is almost always a backstory on how it ended up parked. In most cases, the owner is unable to give the vehicle the attention it needs and is not ready to part with it, eventually hoping to get it back on the road. Such is the case with Jim, who served in the US Army while his Jeep sat under a tree.  

Even as a kid riding the school bus, Jim knew he wanted a Jeep Wrangler. As soon as he had the money, Jim bought this red TJ and started modifying it into his dream vehicle. However, it sat under a tree for eight years while he served in the US Army. Covered in leaves, mold, and grime, it eventually became a haven for spiders. 

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The first step after getting the Jeep back to the shop is to give it a bath. Like the 1980s Camaro that sat outside for 12 years, the mold and dirt immediately wash off, leaving the Jeep clean but covered in a dull haze. It turns out the years of sitting under the tree, covered in leaves and mold, allowed the grime to work its way into the paint's pores. Restoring the finish requires buffing and polishing with a wool pad.   

Cleaning out the interior was just as big of a task as the exterior. Jim's old Jeep was filled with everything you would need for an offroad adventure and the extra parts he accumulated over the years. Since he didn't have a garage to park his Jeep, the Wrangler became a storage locker for all his tools and parts. Eventually, the interior is cleared out and given the same thorough detailing as the exterior. 

The final result is a stunning transformation that makes Jim's jaw drop when he sees it. Inspired by the results, he gets the Wrangler up and running a few days later. Returning to the Ammo NYC shop, he takes Larry, the shop's owner, out for a spin to celebrate the Jeep's resurrection. 

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